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05 September 2011


Gavin Quinney

You're absolutely right, Jean-Guillaume, I should have got in touch. I apologise for not doing so. However, I was up in St-Estephe, as I said in the article, on Saturday, and I wrote this article on Sunday. I understand perfectly well why the gates are closed at Cos d'Estournel but I was not able to enter.
That is not the case at Lafite, which is why I was able to talk for a few minutes with Monsieur Chevallier. Montrose is also open. However, I didn't really want to disturb you as I thought you had your hands full.
I'll be in touch with your office by email to see if I can come over for an update on your progress.

Jean Guillaume Prats

The less Gavin QUINNEY could have done, if doing a proper journalist work, is to ask us our opinion and get factual and accurate info from us, instead of reporting "rumours" from "neighbours.
Jean-Guillaume PRATS

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