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19 March 2012



Thanks for sharing this informative post! keep them coming! ~ciao

Ben Villanueva

Since I tasted the Premier Crus in MaxBordeaux, in Bordeaux, I have also developed a weakness for Latour and Lafite. As Parker says it so well, "Latour always has an ethereal complexity and Lafite always has this power and majesty, but they are all on top of their game now. It seems to me that Mouton traditionally trailed them but is now right up there. Margaux is great, more floral and elegant. And then you go south to Haut Brion – one of the most singular wines in Bordeaux. Jean-Philippe Delmas is just doing a fabulous job and he had some big boots to fill [his father’s Jean Delmas]. Whoever did the 1855 classification knew a lot more than they are given credit for."

Tracey Hawkins

Very nice interview. It was wonderful to hear Parker's own voice address, so candidly, a few things we have been reading about recently - from Campo/Miller to the scrutiny and criticism the 100 point system has been taking, to 2009 - a supreme vintage from our vineyard as well! Also interesting to hear Parker mention what Alfred Tesseron has done at Pontet Canet - in particular, going to organic and Biodynamic farming. We are a Demeter Biodynamic vineyard in the Red Hills AVA in Northern California and find this method of farming did bring us out on a limb, especially when we began 10 years ago, since so few were on board with this hyper-organic method at that time. But, as Parker so aptly points out, it is a stand out method aimed at First-growth quality. We feel we have attained that here in our little remote mountain vineyard. Thanks for the two-part article. As a writer myself, I really appreciate how well you brought Parker out - his voice shines through the entire piece.
-Tracey Hawkins
Managing Partner
Hawk and Horse Vineyards

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