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29 March 2012



I agree with all the comments, this is good news for all customers. It's amazing how freight services are enabling local products to be accessible in a variety of locations all of the world.


That's a great service to have in Hong Kong. However, airfreight shipments are really expensive. I still don't understand why cellars and wine importers don't use more often LCL reefer services like to Hong Kong http://www.tibagroup.com/es/reefer-lcl-consolidation like the one offered by this Spanish company.

Wilmer Geraci

I agree with Sue. Wine is becoming one of the more popular catchphrases in the global market. And it's a good thing that London is exporting their wine brand to the far east, as they have created some of the finest wines in the world. They just have to be extra careful when delivering those. They need to be sure those crates are strapped well to avoid broken wine bottles.

Adam Smith

Exciting news for Asians mostly for Hong Kong people. The thing that is making me more comfortable is door to door service.


Very nice and interesting! It will be wonderful to visit there during the Passover to "strengthen the role of temperature-controlled conditions in LCB Tilbury and at Jebsen in Hong Kong".

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Sue Denim

Good news for customers everywhere, with such a convenient link between London and Hong Kong we’re seeing wine become a more truly global market. Do you expect this to have an impact on market values, in particular:

a) The premium prices paid for wines with good provenance in the far east.
b) The prices Liv-Ex sees in the UK

Naturally I have my own expectations but I’d be fascinated to hear your thoughts

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