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24 April 2012


Shanti Shah

If this means that I will be able to send Latour an e-mail and buy a couple of cases of wine directly from them at cheaper than I would otherwise have to pay to a merchant - that works for me.


Right. I know that when I think of it, I wrote it in a hurry. But anyway, it doesn't really change anything. Trading will decrease substantially as well, so Liv-ex clearly has a lot to loose from this decision from Ch. Latour.


One thing's for sure - the merchants and wine trade need Latour much more than it needs them.


Hi Henrik

Thank you for your comment. Liv-ex is not a merchant and does not hold any stock.

As we pointed out in our post, Latour's new strategy will require an enormous investment in warehousing, insurance and marketing support. So will its departure from the EP system really benefit consumers? Time will tell.


A very good initiative from Latour. The article is clearly biased since Lix-ex and the other merchants are the big loosers here. Personally I'm very much looking forward to be able to buy drinkable wines (that can still be kept for decades if one wishes) with perfect provenance without having to provide for the whole supply chain.

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