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14 March 2014


Hugo Rose MW

Sorry I mis-commented. It is 2000 Beychevelle which has outperformed 2000 Pavie, but the point is the same. Parker scores have a profound impact at the outset; but the impact is often weakened over time as prices are driven as much by replenishment decisions as by critics' ratings.


Thank you for your comment. We mention in the article that Pavie has been recently boosted by its 2012 promotion, but it nonetheless climbed quite steadily before then. The article focuses purely on 100 point wines (and the current relative affordability of many 2009s and 2010s) which is why we did not take other vintages into consideration - but comparing the performances of 100 point wines and non-100 point wines is interesting and something we may look at in future.

Hugo Rose MW

Your conclusion is not entirely supported by the facts. First, the elevation in 2012 seems to have had a significant effect on Pavie's value trend. Second, other 2003s have performed as well since EP release, without the benefit of a perfect score. Look at Talbot for example. In % terms it has outperformed Pavie.

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