Two Rights shouldn’t make a wrong


Ausone and Cheval Blanc came out today at €300 per bottle ex-negociant, completing the set of four Right Bank Classe A wines (which includes Angelus and Pavie) to release. For Cheval Blanc this price represents a 12% drop on 2012, for Ausone 15%, and they are unique among the big Bordeaux for releasing their 2013s at less than their 2008s. But does this mean they present value?

As the charts show, with a UK release price of £3,250 per 12×75 the 2013 does not compare too favourably with older wines. Cheval Blanc – which has long struggled to rise in price – has six cheaper back vintages, including the 93 point 2008 for £2,850 (awarded 95 by Suckling, who gave the 2013 an in-barrel score of 93-94). Ausone 2013 may just be the cheapest but it also has the lowest score since 1997.   

With the campaign drawing to a close, these releases are unlikely to rouse an already uninspired market. With a handful of wines still to come, this campaign even compares poorly to last year's poor campaign. The 2013 vintage has accounted for 3.4% of all Bordeaux trade in April – this time last year, the 2012 accounted for 15.7%.

Cheval Blanc_2013

One thought on “Two Rights shouldn’t make a wrong

  • April 29, 2014 at 12:52 pm

    Two of the most disappointing red wines I tasted in 2013. Ausone’s famous old Merlot’s failed and Cheval’s Cabernet Franc’s didn’t fare that well – the heart of both wines was thus mostly missing. Why LVMH declared Cheval Blanc is a bit of a mystery to me given their position last year on Yquem.

    Speaking of Sauternes – they are both good quality and great value in 2013. The ‘C’ triumvirate of Climens, Coutet and, today, Clos Haut-Peyraguey have been particularly impressive on price reductions. They are between an eighth (Climens) and a twelth (CHP) of the price of either Ausone or Climens and, frankly, are far superior wines in 2013.

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