Bordeaux 2015: Key critic scores

The table below enables you to compare Bordeaux 2015 scores from key critics. For their full reports – including written notes and more scores – please see the sources section beneath the table.

JM= James Molesworth (Wine Spectator)
GQ =Gavin Quinney (Gavin Quinney)
TA = Tim Atkin (Tim Atkin)
JCL = Jeannie Cho Lee (Jeannie Cho Lee)
JL = Jeff Leve (Jeff Leve)
NM = Neal Martin (The Wine Advocate)
JS = James Suckling (James Suckling)
JMQ = Jean-Marc Quarin (Jean-Marc Quarin)
CK = Chris Kissack (The Wine Doctor)
JR = Jancis Robinson (Jancis Robinson)
DEC = Decanter Panel (Decanter)